No Minimum Order, No Multiple Box Charge, UPS Proactive Response®, Free Shipping on orders over 250 USD, Orders Ship Monday to Wednesday Only.

In and Out of State shipping on orders under 250 USD is 25 USD

Note: Out of an abundance of caution we ship Monday - Wednesdays only, via UPS with their Proactive Response® Service. Orders placed after 3PM on Wednesday will ship on the following Monday due to carrier reliance. This gives Thursday and Friday as buffer periods incase of any issues.


Atoll Aquaculture wants to support our local reefing community and we now offer local drop-off of orders at no charge to addresses within the city limits of Corpus Christi. We can hold for up to 14 days once a payment has been received. 



and In-State

All orders are shipped via UPS Next Day Early with Proactive Response®. You will receive an email with your confirmation number, as well as a UPS tracking number for UPS Proactive Response®. This will allow you to make arrangements to sign for your delivery on arrival. It is vital that you sign and receive the package on the first delivery attempt, or our guarantee is void. This prevents your aquatic animals from being exposed to harmful conditions while waiting. We are not responsible for damaged items due to weather, mechanical failures, carrier delays, etc. If the package is rejected for any reason, the customer will be responsible for the full cost of invoice. We deliver our outgoing packages to UPS as late as we are able to in the afternoon. This minimises the amount of time the animals are in the bags. In most cases, if the customer picks up the packages promptly at their local facility, the animals are only in the bags for 12 hours or less.

  • We do not ship Thursday-Friday for the safety of each order.
  • In and Out of State shipping on orders under 250 is 25.00 USD

On select purchases, we may need to call to confirm your order or shipping dates, and if needed suggest a change of date due to shipping conditions. 



Atoll goes above and beyond to ensure all orders arrive in top quality. We work by the highest standards when packing your new animals. We meticulously package items in multiple plastic bags to prevent leaking during transfer. The bags are sealed with multiple rubber bands for a watertight seal. We then place the bags into insulated shipping containers to protect them from external factors and to help maintain a consistent temperature. We will identify the current weather of specific locations, and use additional packing materials as needed. Heat or ice packs are included to help control the proper temperature. The containers are then placed in boxes for classification purposes, in which they will arrive at your doorstep the next day.