Atoll Aquaculture provides a range of services for its clients within the Coastal Bend Region of Texas with professional technicians. These services include personalized consultation and guidance as well as livestock concierge for both our private and commercial clients. We expect to expand our capabilities during the summer of 2017 to address regional demand.


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Design and Engineering 

When creating a reef system, proper design and engineering are critical to its success and aesthetic appeal. When we design systems, we work directly with our customers and the builder to meet their precise specifications by utilising adaptable CAD models. When preparing a major order for a local customer, we prefer to obtain bids exclusively from the three highest quality aquarium makers, those being Reef Savvy, Elos USA, and TankMe USA.

Installation and Guidance 

Once installed, we walk our customers through an introductory period and then aid them with selecting a local maintenance service. Adequate and reliable equipment are very important determinants of a reef tanks success and must be carefully maintained during the reefs operation. While we have designed and installed many private and commercial systems of all sizes, we only maintain the largest saltwater systems in the Texas Costal Bend Area.


Technical Expertise 

The Atoll Team is highly experienced in the complex and often high priced, fragile and difficult to use equipment that is needed for aquarium and reef systems.

While we utilize the most current cutting edge systems for ourselves, we are also well versed in the function and usage of exotic, one-off, foreign, and even obsolete equipment.

In the case of more complex systems such as Neptune Systems Apex and Ecotech Marine suite, we provide detailed review and instructions and recommend we retain remote access to these systems for unexpected emergency situations and client peace of mind.


Personalized Care

Reef aquaria are dynamic and diverse systems with complex needs, and every reef system is different with individual challanges and goals.

Rather than following the common LFS practice of upkeep and maintenance, Atoll Aquaculture prefers to provide personalized support for its private and commercial maintenance accounts.  We work with our customers to provide them guidance that will lead to manageable and stable reefs that are thriving and vibrant. 

We are in handful of global companies that aquaculture some of the more demanding reef species, giving us a unique ability to actively support advancing aquarists.


Triton Method

Triton Applied Reef Bioscience was founded to take the mystery out of reefkeeping by empowering aquarists to test their sea water, know what is actually in it, and use scientific advice to fix water quality problems before they arise.

Triton was the first company to solve the challenges of applying ICP testing to sea water empowering aquarists to control their water chemistry and master the art of closed system reef keeping.

We utilise the Triton Method for all clients as they are impurity free and are quality assured with the same technology used for their testing services.