Please review the Policies and Procedures of Atoll Aquaculture as they are subject to change without notice.


  • Credit on File, or a Replacement for any specimen that does not stay alive for 14 Days.
  • We are not responsible for delays due to UPS, incorrect delivery address, or any other delivery delays not caused by Atoll Aquaculture.

When you make a purchase from atollaquaculture.com you can buy with confidence. Each customers purchase comes with a commitment from the Atoll team for the health and well being of your animals. Just provide us with a photo of the coral within 14 days. We give you the following Guarantee: If your new addition does not stay alive for 14 days we will issue you a store credit or replacement with the same coral.

The following applies to our 14-Day Guarantee:

  • Email orders@atollaquaculture.com with a clear picture of the deceased specimen within 14 days of delivery time posted by FedEx or UPS.
  • 14-Day Guarantee begins on the initial delivery date. Please do not discard the specimen without our explicit authorization, as doing so will void the guarantee.
  • Please do not ship the specimen(s) back without explicit Atoll consent as this will void the guarantee.
  • We do not refund or credit any shipping costs.
  • Guarantee applies to online orders only.
  • No refunds on livestock.
  • Restricted species are clearly marked with a red "R" Icon and a notice, and they are marked on the order as such. They are not covered by our guarantee, we may call you after ordering to discuss acclamation or general care of these specimens.

Quality Assurance 

Atoll Aquaculture has a staff that is made up of scientific professionals and graduate level students. On most days your fish is packed and shipped by an Ichthyologist or Marine Biologist. We will not send an ill specimen under any condition and if a specimen is damaged during packing we will contact you and offer a refund or with your permission continue to send.

It is our policy to quarantine and treat incoming fish for a wide variety of problems they could encounter before they reach us; our top priority is to provide you with animals that are disease and parasite free and by doing so we protect our own systems. We strive to get our fish from the most direct sources possible, often bypassing conventional supply chains and ordering from collectors themselves. This has proven a significant attribute to our success and that of our customers. Each animal that comes through our doors is given anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic baths followed by a combination of careful observation, medicated foods, and "conditioning".

Conditioning is the process by which we slowly de-stress and adapt each animal to lighting schedule and a wide variety of foods depending on the animal. We do not ship fish unless they they are healthy, conditioned, and eating well. If a fish shows any symptoms (at any time) they are immediately separated and given a more specific regimen of dips, baths, and/or medications depending on the problem identified. These fish are not returned to the main holding systems until we are positive they cannot transmit anything.

Cyanide and Concussion Fishing

  • Upon receiving of any shipment, a test for cyanide using the Hanna HI 3855 Cyanide Test Kit will be performed on a water sample taken randomly from one in every five shipping bags.
  • In the case of any deceased specimens, two flesh samples will be taken and a test for cyanide with the Hanna HI 3855 Cyanide Test Kit as well as a closer tissue examination via microscope will be performed in an effort to detect any of the tell tale signs of hydrostatic shock.
  • Any supplier suspected of employing Cyanide or Concussion Fishing practices will be reported and have any pending and/or future orders terminated permanently.

Shipping Practices and CITES Permitting

  • Every supplier is provided with a set of standards for shipments to Atoll Aquaculture, and is given an additional payment to cover the best supplies available to them for shipments.
  • All shipments are expected to arrive to Atoll Aquaculture within 48 – 72 hours, and are packed for survival at upto 96 – 120 hours.
  • Atoll Aquaculture expects CITES protocols to be followed to the letter by suppliers, and has a dedicated Regulations and Standards Controller on staff who reviews every item on every order and works with both the suppliers and the relevant export and import officials.

Terms, Privacy         and Security

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We collect visitor data and analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand customer interests and helps us improve our website. We do not sell, give, or trade the statistics we store.

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